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A Story of the Mermaids


The world of the mermaid is one full of voices that are quiet and sing in enchanting tones and variations. The pearly voice of these beautiful creatures is rarely heard by anyone accept the intelligent dolphins. They have been known to save sailors and shipwrecked passengers.

Every princess has a pearl, a blue pearl for the blue mermaid, a violet pearl for the violet mermaid, a yellow one, a green one, deep blue, pink, and there is an orange pearl that is known as the princess sarah the first princess born. And the violet pearl which is the sister of the pink pearl. But every one of them, even the sisters, are seperated… independent regions regardless of their relation. One from the North, one from the south in the sea under africa. I am going to go and see the sea of Africa soon!

They can talk to dolphins but they can also be humans by choice only by touching the water are they mermaids. And only by getting out they are not. The princesses names are Luxia, Hannon, Reina, Noel, Coco, Saera and Karine. I like Karine, I am Karine.

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