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Today I went kayaking with my Daddy in Llafranc Costa Brava Spain. We got up early and ate Butifara and scrambled eggs, then we went to the store and bought flippers, diving masks, and snorkels. We took the kayak with the wind behind us quickly to the next town along the cliffs and islands. When we reached the next town we snorkled and swam with the fish, there were some really bigs ones. But, I did not snorkel, because I didn’t want to get bit by the crabs or get scratched on the rocks, so I sat in the kayak while daddy swam underneath pulling me around while I put my head inside the water and watched all the fish. It was really cool, maybe we will try again tomorrow and possibly see a starfish.

We where out all day, and when it came time to go back, the wind was really strong and the waves where big, but not to big for my daddy. He kept paddling, and I think he paddles 1000 times to get us back to the next Bay. It was funny because he paddled so hard we almost past the town we wanted to go back to, and I had to say Daddy thats our town! He then turned back, with the wind behind us again and we quickly went in. After we snorkled more in the bay of Llafranc, around the cliffs and the caves that we climbed yesterday.

It was a lot of fun, after he cooked me Calamari’s which I love, and cucumber with vinager, like yesterday. I wanted so badly for my cousin Kristian to be there with me. He is a really good boy, like all the boys in my family, not like the boys in my school…that are sometimes mean, well everytime very mean with girls. My cousin Kristan would really like it here with us, I wish he could come here or to Africa where Daddy and I will be going on Friday.

Mommy comes to pick us up tomorrow night, so hopefully we will have another day as fun as this one before we go back to Barcelona. I miss you my cousin and I love you sooooo much, you are my best friend…! My cousin is such a good cousin, and we have fun together. He would beat the boys in school for me because he is in martial arts and knows how to fight with a stick. Sometimes the boys are too mean at school, and I am sure he would not like girls to get hurt by boys who are mean. One of the boys knows martial arts, but I think even his Karate could not work against my cousin Kristian, because at the end he would finish them on the floor! That is my best cousin Kristian.

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